Community Coastal Clean-Up

Over the years at Baja Expeditions, we have always made it a point to practice Leave No Trace camping ethics when we visit the field.

If being outdoors, packing out your own trash, and helping keep pollution out of our seas when others forget (!) is important to you too, please join us to volunteer! Read on to learn more opportunities to have some fun, meet local folks, and pitch in!

Want to pitch in? Join our panga-load of volunteers or hop on a kayak for a monthly clean-up!  We are so impressed with the recent start-up efforts of a new local group run entirely by volunteers – MAR LIBRE - Rescatando Nuestros Arrecifes y Manglares (Rescuing Our Reefs and Mangroves)!  MAR LIBRE is giving talks about solid waste management and environmental education in schools throughout La Paz, in addition to coordinating monthly community coastal clean-ups of our local reefs and mangrove estuaries.  Every pair of extra hands helps!


Here at Baja Expeditions, we have a long history of supporting local recycling efforts and community programming for environmental education for young people – and we especially care about the kind that gets them outside to really experience the world around them.

We believe that the more everyone gets outside, the easier it is to fall in love with our natural world. From there, it’s easier to see our effects on our eco-systems as a human species – these days, we know that our impact is not always positive.  We also believe in our doing our part to pitch in and find as many sustainable alternatives as possible.

In our community, as in many parts of the planet, we are facing how best to tackle the growing strain on our Earth’s natural systems and resources, and how we can each best refine our efforts locally.

Our founder and owner Tim Means has always been a famous (even infamous!) recycler, and re-user. He will be a recycling crusader to the end- he will take the plastic cup you just used and will also rescue a sinking ship – he will immediately apply for permits to turn it into both an artificial reef and an art project!

Check back each month to see the location of the latest clean-up with MAR LIBRE - Rescatando Nuestros Arrecifes y Manglares (Rescuing Our Reefs and Mangroves)!

This month: July 29th!

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