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Cabo Pulmo Diving - David Seradell

Cabo Pulmo Diving has become the crown jewel of the southern Sea of Cortez. This protected area has had an amazing transformation over the years changing from a fishing village to a village of ecotourism.

Diving in Cabo Pulmo is like diving into the past as the reefs serve as an example of what a healthy Baja reef should look like. These sites are teeming with fish life. You will find schools of hundreds of snappers, turtles, hundreds of groupers, thousands of jacks, bull sharks, and a lively reef ecosystem. This protected area is an illustration of what a community can do together to protect their surrounding environment. Come dive with us in Cabo Pulmo and discover for yourself.

"Today’s highlight was our second dive in Cabo Pulmo, where we were surrounded by massive bull sharks, many coming close enough for photo and video shots. Today’s dive with the Bull Sharks was a life time top ten shark encounter dive. "

- Mike Dunn, North Carolina

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Bull shark at Cabo Pulmo

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