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Ocean Safaris
Day Trip


End-April – Early-July


Ocean Safaris, Day Trips


From US$295 / Person

Destination Overview

Mobula Rays and Orcas Ocean Safaris Day Trips

The Sea of Cortez is once again vibrant with marine and animals and especially teams with life from January through July. Whales of all descriptions, huge pods of dolphins, giant whale sharks, friendly sea lions, mantas, mobulas and cow nose rays and so much more. Small numbers of mobula rays (mobula munkiana) can be seen year round but they start gathering in large schools in early spring. By April, huge squadrons upwards of 100,000 rays gather in giant protective schools overnight and then break up into smaller groups at sunrise. These rays are amazing to observe, especially with the gravity defying giant leaps out of the water and it’s a lifetime experience to swim or snorkel with them.

Will We Be Able to Get in the Water With Killer Whales?

Maybe. Where there are mobulas, there are often orcas. We have our own spotter airplane with a pilot and a naturalist onboard up in the air 5 to 6 days a week in-season surveying, spotting and observing mobulas, whales and all the other Sea of Cortez critters. The crew is in constant radio contact with our boats. As the oldest eco-experience company in Baja with almost 50 years of experience, we have long and deep friendships with local observers and we enthusiastically share information back and forth on animal sightings. Orcas are part of the eastern tropical pacific population and we believe that at least 3 different family groups visit the area in-season. Our experience is that the orcas swim in from open ocean past Cabo San Lucas and travel up the coast cruising at least as far as Bahia de La Paz and often further up into the Mechudo Corridor before turning around and returning to open ocean.

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Easy Non-Stop Flights to Cabo San Lucas

We are closer than you think. Over 30 major airports around the world have direct non-stop flights to Cabo San Lucas (SJD). With seamless La Paz transfers included on all multi-day adventures. It’s never been so easy to get to the Sea of Cortez and Baja!

Interaction is Always on the Animals’ Terms

We do not chase or allow harassment of the animals and depend on them to choose to interact with us. We have had excellent success with interactions.

Day Trip Rates

Day Trip Rates

55′ Westerly with Super Panga Support

  • Large fast mothership combined with panga support is easily the most comfortable way to spend a day on the water
  • 8 guests minimum
  • All day on the water
  • Returns before dusk
  • Onboard washrooms, showers, hot meals, and loads of space
  • Includes meals, drinks and cold beer and ceviche on the way home

La Paz US$325 pp.

7:00am meet at the Marea Hotel (Skiff transfer to Westerly)

Los Cabos US$395 pp.

5:00am hotel pickup

Super Panga Trips

  • 4 guests minimum
  • All day on the water
  • Returns before dusk
  • Includes meals, drinks and cold beer and ceviche on the way home

La Paz US$295 pp.

7:00am meet at the Marea Hotel

Los Cabos US$375 pp.

5:00am hotel pickup

Early evening return to Los Cabos (Includes Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo)

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