Mobula & Orca Airplane Supported Airplane Supported Expeditions

May – July   / Nautilus Gallant Lady

Experience true exploration searching for famously elusive pods of orcas in the Sea of Cortez.

Between May and July, tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of mobulas congregate in enormous schools in the Sea of Cortez. And where there are mobulas, there will likely be pods of orcas. Using three days of airplane support, we’ll track and hopefully get in the water with pods of orcas and, of course, thousands of mobula rays. Our trips cater to small groups of 12, with just six in the water at one time with the orcas, ensuring private, intimate encounters.

During this time of year, deep upwelling ocean currents cause the Sea of Cortez to become a hive of activity. This is a true ocean safari, and aside from pods of orcas and mobula rays, there are endless opportunities to see rarely seen ocean dwellers, from blue whales to fin and pilot whales, pods of thousands of dolphins and so much more.

Can I Really Get In the Water With Orcas?

YES! In our experience, there is a 100% chance that you will be able to get in the water with schooling mobula rays and 50% chance of splashing with orcas.

These killers whales are part of the Eastern Tropical Pacific population and we have identified and got in the water with at least three different family groups. Our experience is that the orcas swim past Cabo San Lucas, San José and Cabo Pulmo and then spend time cruising as far as Bahía de La Paz before turning around and retracing their route southward.

We have been running trips in this area since 1974 and have a great network of friends and contacts keeping an eye out for the orcas. We will dispatch a dedicated spotter airplane at least three or four days every week to guide our high-speed skiffs towards the animals.


This is a physically active expedition. Sure, you can spend most or all of your time watching the action from our air-conditioned mothership or from our highspeed RHiB or pangas. You can also choose to spend as much time as you want on and in the water. It is long days out on the water if you don’t want to miss a single opportunity to get in the water with the animals. This is the perfect trip for divers and snorkelers alike. Limited scuba diving opportunities will be available.

Snorkelling with Mobula Rays
Interactions with Orcas in the sea of Cortez

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