Swimming With Whale Sharks

In the warm, crystal-clear waters just minutes from La Paz lies one of the most intact ecosystem in the world. Get ready to be inspired! Near El Mogote's sand spit, the outer bay serves as a nursery and here you will be able to observe and swim with the largest living nonmammalian vertebrate, literally the biggest fish in the ocean. Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus), are slow-moving, filter-feeding carpet sharks that reach a length of 62 ft / 19 meters and may exceed the life span of human beings.

Join us on a half-day journey to experience these gentle giants as they feed, hovering and filtering plankton for hours while enjoying a good cleaning by fish and remora along their ventral sides.

Your expert naturalist guide and boat captain have received special training and are certified to manage responsible visits that respect the habitat and feeding patterns of the animals.

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Trip Details

Start/End Destinations
Start: La Paz
End: La Paz

whale sharks la paz baja

Expedition Type
Wildlife Viewing
Day Trip

Age Range
Little Ones — Grandparents

Trip Rating
Easy — All Fitness Levels

October — April

Trip Duration
3-4 hours
Leave at 8:30 a.m. October — March
Leave at 9 a.m. April

Naturalist Guide, Boat Captain

Support Vessel
Panga Motor Skiff

Itinerary Details

  • USD $68/ guest
  • Minimum Group Size: 4; Maximum Group Size: 10 (Questions? Contact us!)
  • Panga boat ride to & from El Mogote whale shark nursery
  • Snorkel with whale sharks or view from boats
  • Session with naturalist about whale sharks & natural history

Gear Provided

Expedition snorkel gear and wetsuit

Food & Drinks

  • Healthy snacks
  • Local fresh juices and waters

Other Cool Stuff

  • Underwater photo ops
  • Learn about ecology of whale sharks
  • Want to see more?  Visit our Photo Gallery
  • Contributions to preserve Wild Baja are greatly appreciated and tax deductible!
whale sharks baja mexico

What Should You Bring?

  • Personal clothes and gear:
    ~ November — March: layers for sun, cold and wind
    ~ April — October: layers for sun, heat and wind
     see detailed packing list in Welcome Aboard
  • Camera
  • Energy to explore
  • Gratuities for BajaEx team at your discretion
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