Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2023-05-10

Yesterday was way better. I had planned to head to Isla Ballina but changed it at the last minute.

We headed to Punta Arenas in search of mobula as guests wanted to see them as on the first day there were no mobulas. However, guests had the best experience with a big female whale shark that was pregnant. Lots of pangas were there but they gave us the chance to get in.

MW headed to anchor but sighted a bait ball but when approached, the sardine ran under the boat. I called the panga and they came over and snorkel with a massive bait ball of sardine for 45min. They were all happy and tired of the long day of activity.

Guest now wanted to see whales so the panga headed to the Bay of la Paz. The wind was calm this morning but got a bit strong at 14.00. We will stay at Ensenada Grande for the night and will see what happens tomorrow – whether the orcas head our way or we head back to Ceralvo or San Francisquito.

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