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Who We Are

Once upon a time, Timo Means, a Colorado river guide & mighty advocate for wildlife and wildlands arrived in La Paz, where he lived for the rest of his life.

In the 1990s Means sought the help of influential people in his network, including affluent donors from both sides of the border and Ernesto Zedillo, the president of Mexico at the time, to fight for the preservation of Baja California Sur’s pristine Isla Espiritu Santo from development, he led the campaign to buy the island and donate it to the federal government. Isla Espiritu Santo and 244 other islands were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 as a result of Means’ work.

Eco tourism didn’t exist back then, but Timo had a vision, to bring the very first eco tourism company in Baja California.

Timo founded Baja Expeditions in 1974. He started doing catamaran voyages around Espiritu Santo, swims with whale sharks, kayaking tours, zero-impact camping in the area’s natural wonders, he encouraged local fishermen to turn their “pangas” into a whale watching boats for the most extraordinary up-close encounters with gray whales in San Ignacio, he built one of the first dive liveaboards in the world, the Don Jose in 1978.

He never really intended to build a business, for him, that was his way of life.

Captain Mike from Nautilus first arrived in Baja in 1984, he was a close friend to Timo. Mike stepped in during the covid crisis, after Timo passed away in 2020 to continue Timo’s legacy and with the injection of new energy, new capital and loads of new ideas.

Baja Expeditions continues to lead the way in ecotourism in La Baja, welcoming visitors from around the globe. We work with biologists and naturalists to create the most extraordinary expeditions for our guests. From kayaking, whale encounters, eco-camping, luxury glamping, sailing adventures, or wildlife cruising, we are the world’s leader in eco-adventures to Baja.

We love Baja and we will always do our very utmost to preserve this unique place and give each of our guests a very special experience. 

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