Our Responsibilities

  1. To ensure your safety.
  2. To give you the best possible experience.
  3. To treat you with respect, consideration and to provide excellence in service onboard and in camp.
  4. To be responsive to special requests and needs.
  5. To plan each trip with respect to weather, sea conditions and animal behaviour in order to maximize your experience.
  6. To keep our ships and camp sites in top condition, clean, in good condition and mechanical repair. Please note that each ship has many complex systems and it may be impossible to prevent some maintenance problems during your trip, despite our best efforts.

Your Responsibilities

  1. Animals
    We love mother ocean! Unfortunately, sometimes guests will demonstrate unsafe or irresponsible behaviour towards animals that impedes on other guest’s experiences and/or may cause harm to the animals. It is your responsibility to follow the crew’s directions and recommendations with respect to interaction with the animals. In the unlikely event that an individual is impeding other guests and/or causing harm to the animals, the captain will speak to that person and give them a formal warning. If the guest continues the same behaviour, the captain has the authority to hold that guest out of the water for the remainder of the trip.
  2. Mexican Park Regulations
    The Mexican park authorities forbid divers to extend hands, arms, legs, heads or any part of their body or camera housing outside the cages during Guadalupe Island diving. The use of camera strobes has also been forbidden by the authorities. These regulations are now strictly enforced after several incidents in September 2016. We are required by the authorities to revoke the diving privileges of any guest in breach of these regulations.
  3. Diving Safety
    It is your responsibility to attend dive briefings and comply with the principles of safe recreational diving. Deco diving or deliberately “going blue” is not allowed. The captain has the right to revoke the diving privileges of anyone who is diving in an unsafe manner.
  4. Alcohol
    With over many years of operational experience running charters, we have learned the safest alcohol policy is to restrict guests from bringing their own alcohol on board. We provide a wide selection of beer, wine and alcohol from the ship’s bar at reasonable prices. We are also happy to hold your duty-free purchases or local purchases of alcohol in bond in the ship’s storage until the end of your trip.
  5. Government Rules
    You must comply with all Mexican government rules and regulations. Please note that government regulations and laws may change without notice. Our contract with you is subject to “force majeure” without compensation.
  6. Marijuana
    Marijuana is illegal in Mexico including medicinal prescription marijuana. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding guests bringing marijuana onboard.
  7. Illegal Substances
    We maintain a zero tolerance for illegal narcotics or substances on board. We’re required under Mexican law to report any problems to the Mexican Federal Police.
  8. Crew
    To treat our crew and staff with courtesy and respect.
  9. Getting Sick
    We sincerely hope that you stay healthy and don’t get sick during your trip. Please let the crew know if you are not feeling well so that we can give you extra love and attention and also do our best to prevent anyone else onboard from getting sick.