Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2023-05-16


MW had a great day yesterday, no wind and calm seas like a lake. We headed from Saltito where the panga was with the guests for about 3 hours with a massive school of mobulas. From there they were hungry and went to Saltito beach to warm up and have breakfast.

Guests wanted to go see if there was bigger stuff so we headed down to Punta Arenas where they encountered a big pod of dolphins that played with them for a while. We then headed to Punta Arenas.

While heading to the anchor position to meet up with NGL which was going to go look for whales at the same time I saw 2 whales blow so we got in touch with NGL. We both followed them and had the whale between NGL and MW for like 45 min. It was already getting dark so we headed to the anchor position at the bay in Punta Arenas.

This morning the guest wanted to go out early so at 6.45 they were away with their breakfast. They encountered a big school of mobulas in Bahia de los Muertos with some bottlenose dolphins. While the MW headed out about 3nm from the coast 1 panga from La Ventana reported a big whale shark. MW was like 1 nm from that panga so we called the Cornuda to come over and there were about 8 pangas in no time.

Cornuda took a while to get to the position and by this time the guys said on the radio that whoever already got to see it to leave. Cornuda arrived and there were only 4 pangas but they also left. Thereafter, it was only us with the whale shark feeding for like 2 hours.

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