Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2023-05-23

Yesterday morning wasn’t too active at Saltito. When MW arrived at Punta Arenas the panga was heading out to where the sperm whales were. They encountered a pod of sperm whales about 40 whales in total. They had a blast with the sighting and the number of whales at a time.

It was the first day of the sighting of a school of dolphins, bottlenose, and common dolphins. The water was clear 60 plus ft vis temp 71F calm sea. The whales were 12 nm from Punta Perico and Punta Arenas. MW anchor for the night at Punta Arenas.

This morning the guest wanted an early start so at 6.30 they were off the MW looking for mobulas. They were with the mobulas that were swimming and hanging around for over an hour. The news of sperm whales is out again so the panga is headed out and found the pod again 14 nm from the coast.

MW met the panga at the location so guests could eat a nice fish taco.  Guests headed out at 2 to go after the sperm whales.

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