Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2023-05-25

Yesterday was very busy. Guests had a morning show with the mobulas in the Bahia de los Muertos. They then headed out 8 nm from Punta Perico in search of the sperm whales. Sure enough, they found the big pod. They were on the surface, coming up to check out the panga then diving down a little and coming back up to check on the panga with guests on board.

Willy was in the panga eating when he noticed a big whale shark appear beside the boat. He called us while we were preparing dive gear and everyone dropped that to go see the whale shark.

The panga took them for a close-up with a magnificent animal in mother nature. As they finished, we got them on board and drove to the dive site. There was a current running E/W pretty strong so the guys tucked in the bay. Visibility was 50ft temp 76f calm sea.

Today we started at the bay of Bahia de Los Muertos with mobulas, then headed to the sperm whales again. We will be meeting the guests now. They are 14nm from Punta Perico.

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