Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2023-05-27

Last night the wind was blowing very strongly from the SW and West at 20/25 knot. We anchor at the Partida on the east side where we were protected from the waves and a lot of the wind. We had like 10 boats in the area last night and everyone seemed to have not dragged anchor.

This morning we got up at 5.30 to warm up the engine. At 6.00, we head to the dive site in Los Islotes. The wind was still blowing about 10/15 knots so we did a dive in the NW side of the island where it was sheltered.

The water temp was 22C visibility was 8 meters and there were a lot of baby sea lions playing around with the divers the entire dive. Mw stayed on the NW side of SS where no wind or wave to wait for the panga to bring the divers. We had Hot chocolate for the guests they wanted to go to the next dive so they could come back to have a late nice warm breakfast. We pack lunch for the guests so they could go and look for critters around Isla Ballena.

Not much luck today with whales or big stuff. They went to the beach to take a walk and then went to see the big turtle and a bird nesting site on the island. They then finished off at the lighthouse San Rafaelito to snorkel with the sea lion.

All Guests are happy and yes, they wanted to see the Orcas but were happy when Willy told them that he had never seen that number of sperm whales together like that. So, they said how they really appreciated that experience.

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