Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2023-05-31

Yesterday was a nice afternoon with lots of mobulas. The boat went out to look for whale shark but had no luck so they came back and found a big bait ball with lots of bonitos. Guests are happy and enjoying the action with the critters that have been around now.

This morning the panga went out at 6.45 in search of the mobulas and we found lots of them.  Our panga was searching for Orcas as we heard on the VHF that they were there. But we found nothing.

When the spotter plane came around, they spotted a gray whale right near Punta Arenas Cove. Immediately after, there was a sighting of a baby whale shark in Ventana Bay. Our panga came and had a close look.

Gordon texted me and said he had seen a whale shark close to the NGL and he was the only one there so I called our Panga to go over to the NGL to get a close look. The guests were very happy.

NGL went out a little to sight the Orcas and the pangas started to head out there. The plane was circling around so I believe they did mention to them that there were orcas. It was a day of excitement watching the orcas going after the dolphins that were in the air flipping and trying to get away.

I hope that we do have them around tomorrow as we will be going to look for them.

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