Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2023-06-09

The weather has been so nice and the wind temp is perfect so no need for sweaters. The water temp is 78F and the water vis is 60ft.

This morning our guests wanted to be like the early birds that catch the most worms. So, they all wanted to go out at 6:00 am. The first sighting that they got was a sleeping Marlin on the surface. They got in to check him out and got some cool shots and good memories. From there we headed out into the abyss of the water’s surface straight east in search of Orcas.

When they were out like 15nm they saw something floating so they headed to the floating unidentified floating object. When got closer it was 3 Mexicans on a panga fishing for tuna. Panga had no top no shade. The sun was baking but the guys in the panga were in their normal office. The fisherman told them that there were some whales north of Cerrlavo so they headed to the Mango Wind to have lunch and then headed that way around the East side. Made a complete circle around the island and found 4 sperm whales in the northern part of Cerrlavo.

From there they headed back and saw lots of marlins. Just before they got to the boat, they saw a big pod of dolphins and they got in and got a close-up view. It was a long day of lots of stuff a good view plus the geography of the island is so amazing. They got back after 6 with big smiles on everyone’s faces ready for Milly-style ceviche there.

After a nice dinner, everyone’s tanks are refueled ready for the party with the Orcas tomorrow.

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