Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2023-06-20

Today was a day and a half with a beautiful sunrise at 5.20. All the guests were up from 5.00 am to watch the sunrise after that a nice coffee and continental breakfast. The plan was to leave at 6,30 and so said so all guests were ready and excited to go look for mobulas.

I checked my phone to see if there were any info on the sighting and sure enough, there was one that said ORCAS 70 nm from where we were. Everyone was so excited; we made a plan with the panga where we were going to meet up. Our panga arrived in about 2.5 hours and the show began. The guests were so happy and got enough.

There were 8 orcas together heading southeast. They met up with a big pod of dolphins that tried getting away by jumping running around and doing everything they could to get away but they got one and the baby was playing with it while still alive. We stayed with the orcas for 6 hours today. An awesome day the weather was like a lake all day until about 4 it started to blow about 5-10knots water temp 78f vis 80ft n

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