Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2023-06-29

Yesterday was a slow morning, the wind was not too strong 5-10knots from the NE. Not many waves 1-2 ft. Really nice to spot animals on the surface and jumping. Water temp 78ft vis 50ft. We had 3 flights yesterday to help find the Orcas. As we got a hint that there were Orcas from a kind fisherman we headed out and sure enough, there were 9 orcas. We were with them for 5 hours. Really amazing sighting, the size of the female Orcas. All guests are happy and want more so we are missing the mobulas.

Today we started at Bajia De Los Muertos to look for mobulas and we found the mobulas this morning. Called the other boat to see them. Everyone has a good look at the mobulas and guests are happy they got what they were expecting. Saw a big Pod of dolphins.

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