Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2024-02-15

Top of the morning people!!!

Great morning start!! We passed last night at honey moon cove at Danzante island, this morning we had a great start! We spotted around 10 blue whales around the area, some mobulas and some spine tail devil Rey’s. We are now sailing south to San Francisquito where we plan to spend the night.

Guests are very happy and looking forward for what it will come the next days. Our chef Mily is pampering all of us with delicious food and our guide on board Natalia is making a great job on explaining our guests about the blue whales and other sea creatures that we might encounter the following days.

Weather conditions are great, very cloudy but enough sun light to keep us a bit warm, low winds (3 to 4 knts) air temp (20*). Lovely day to be out here.

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