Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2024-02-16

Good morning!! I’m writing this report a bit earlier because in a few minutes I’m going out to take one of our guests and Natalia the guide to do a DSD close to the beach.

Today we started our morning with a hike here at San Francisquito Bay after breakfast. At the moment our guests are taking a break while Natalia is preparing the dive gear for the DSD.

Guests are looking happy with what they have seen so far. Later today we are sailing to San Jose Island and do a little bit of cruising through the mangroves and do a bit of bird watching. Madame Anne is very excited about this activity.

Todays whether conditions are super great lots sun very mild wind (2 to 3 knts), no waves, air temp 24 now. Later, around 1700hrs we have planned move to Ensenada Grande to spend the night.

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