Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2024-02-17

Greetings!! Another day in paradise.

Yesterday we started our navigation from San Francisquito around 1800hrs and we arrived at Ensenada Grande at 2200hrs, beautiful navigation with low winds from the north (3 to 4knts).

This morning, we moved at 7:00am from Ensenada Grande to Los Islotes where our guests enjoyed a continental breakfast and then a tour around the sea lion’s colony. The sea lions are very active and were following us along the way as we cruise the colony. We also encountered different type of birds like frigates, pelicans, cormorants, sea gulls, blue footed boobies and more.

Around 8:30am we turned back to Mango Wind and got equipped in full snorkeling gear and then guests and guide jumped in the water as I tag along with the dingy just in case I was needed.

After an hour they came back on board the dingy with a huge smile on their faces on their own words (c’est très magnifique, tres jolie!!). The guide said there was lots of different fish and the interaction with the sea lions was just amazing!

At the moment we are heading south of Espiritu santo and we are planning to spend our last night at Balandra. Upon arrival to Balandra we have planned to do a little visit to the rock formation of Balandra and a little hike along one the trails to see the beautiful view of the whole bay.

Whether conditions: just amazing, really no clouds in the sky, 0 wind at the moment, lots of sun, air temp 25*

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