Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2024-03-25

Good morning people!! Last night was pretty windy but we managed to protect ourselves at Bonanza Bay.

This morning at 7:30am we started our navigation to the sea lions’ colony where we arrived at 9:30am. The wind it has been going down gradually. At the moment we have very low breeze from the west 5knts,

The family is very excited about going in and snorkelling with the sea lions but after gearing up and a briefing from Juan (guide) they just took off to have this amazing experience.

After snorkelling with the sea lions we have planned to go south Espiritu Santo, may be stop at Candelero for another snorkel or visit San Gabriel’s bay to see the nesting area.

We are going to finish the afternoon at El Meritor where we will spend the night and the next morning, we will enter to Don Jose’s Marina at 8:30am.

Guests are happy and weather conditions are getting a lot better. Atmospheric temp 20*, mild winds from the west 5 to 7 knots, clouds are starting to spread and disappear at the horizon and sun is warming up.

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