Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2024-04-01

Hey guys!

So lazy morning on a figurative way, after a nice breakfast our guests went on an adventure with captain Willy at the skiff and guide Juan.

So, they went thru La Partida channel from the east side to the west side, they took a shade, beach chairs, kayaks, cooler, snacks, and their snorkel gear. After a nice snorkel at Piedra Ahogada, Willy and Juan set up the tent and chairs and spend all morning there.

They just came back and are having a delicious lunch prepared by Victor our chef. After they finish the lunch, we will start moving towards south and close to La Paz area.

We have planned to move the whale shark activity for tomorrow because the 3rd we are expecting very bad weather conditions. I hope conditions change so they can enjoy the whale shark encounter.

Weather conditions at the moment: blue clear skies, air temp 24* and NE winds 10knts and rising, this afternoon and during the night we are expecting heavy northerly winds.

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