Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2024-04-16

Windy day this whole day, we started this morning from Bahia de los Muertos. Our guests went out on cornuda but after a couple of hours they returned because of the wind was a bit too strong and the choppy seas.

So, we went out on Mango Wind and decided to do a bit of sailing since the conditions were asking for it. After a nice morning of sailing now, we dropped the sails down so Victor our chef can cook and have our meal ready in time. Guests had fun sailing (no engine sounds)

So now we are heading north searching for any critters around the area so far we have seen a couple of devil rays jumping, a marlin, some kiteboarders, and pretty much it.

We are planning to spend the night at El Saltito area. If conditions allow today or tomorrow, we have a dive planned at La Reina.

Weather conditions at the moment north winds 15knts with gusts of 21, very cloudy, low sun light, and 27c air temp.

Crew and guests are doing fine and MGW is doing great. Still a lovely day to be out

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