Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2024-05-29

Buenas tardes!!!

Today so far, we have had a very nice morning, some action mantas on the south side of Cerralvo, dolphins, mobulas, blue whale and we end up meeting with Cornuda just outside of Puerto Mejia.

At the moment our guests are having lunch on board MGW as we move to our next destination. Guests asked for Los Islotes so we have planned heading that way and some will do a dive and some will snorkel and then continue our search to the north. Been hearing and seeing posts from different friends about orcas around that direction.

Weather conditions are very nice lots and lots of sun, some visible clouds far away and a light breeze coming from the east that is very refreshing. Guests are very happy with what they have seen and just waiting some time to recharge batteries and will be ready to go.

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