Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2024-05-30

Good afternoon!!

So today we started our day with a nice dive at Los Islotes where 4 of our guests went diving.

2 guests said they had enough from sea lions at home, so I give them the option of going around with the dingi and take photos to the sea lions and birds on the area. My second option was to navigate with Mango and see much for things while the others were diving and they said ok.

The rest of our guests are having fun daily going out.

Today very nice day dive with sea lions, navigation to San Francisco, snorkel with sea lions, blue whale, dolphins and mobulas at El Embu do. Sadly no orcas but lots of activity.

Weather condition air temp 38c mild wind from the east, not a single cloud around.

Just beautiful day.

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