Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2024-06-10

Good late afternoon, Awesome day!!!

We had a super day and it haven’t finished yet.

This morning we started from El Saltito headed towards La Reina and on our way, we saw a big school of mobulas and of course we had to jump in with them, then we continued our way to La Reina where we swam with the sea lions and different schools of fish.

We then headed south close by Cerralvo on the west side and found a nice group of dolphins. Mango headed south early so by lunch time we met very close to Punta arena just to have a quick lunch jump back on Cornuda and headed further south close to Los Barriles where our guests enjoy a very good time with this whale.

We are not yet sure of what they were, hope our guests can get some cool pictures and be able to identify them.

Great day today excellent whether 35c, clear skies and at the moment a light breeze from the south.

Guests are about an hour to return to MGW very happy for what Willy just told me.  

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