Experience That Changed My Life

Today was our second date. What an amazing experience!! I am so grateful to be here. The stuff makes me feel welcome. Almost like family. The adventure begin at 7:45 we went to the observation area and there and they we’re waiting for us we had an amazing encounter with a baby and it’s mama they were really friendly and we of course had the opportunity to touch them I will never be tired of that the afternoon excursion was calmer we were looking for the wells took more time to found them but them we saw a baby playing around with its mom the baby was jumping out of the water and having fun that melted my heart I am leaving tomorrow but I can say for sure that the Anahi that arrived here two days ago is not the same who is going back home tomorrow but I can say for sure that this experience have changed my life and for that I will always be grateful with everyone that stuff the nature the whales. As they say we are not the ones who are touching the whales, the wheels are the ones touching us touching our hearts. Thank you guys thank you lolis Idris Manuel poncho and Rouslam and everyone from Baja Ex that make this possible.

  • Anahi – Cabo San Lucas