The service is absolutely top notch

First off, the service is absolutely top notch. From the hospitality to the dives itself. The beauty of the southern sea of Cortez is just amplified by the crew of the Gallant Lady. For my second time visiting this area, I would have to saw this has been the best experience thus far. Spotting Orcas, Hammerheads, and Bullsharks have highlighed this trip. But that is not to shadow the amazing schools of jacks that swarmed around me at Cabo Pulmo. The food, the service, and the diving is something that i will hold to a standard and look forward to when i come back. Sylvia, Armando, and Rey did amazing Jobs at keeping all the guest happy and comfortable. Gordon was behind the scenes making sure everything was turning like a well oiled machine and Enrique kept all of us full. Until next time…

Andy Rios

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