Isla Espiritu Santo

From US$375 per Night Eco-Experience Camping October - April 2 - 6 Nights

Our ultra-exclusive camps enable you to stay in Baja Mexico’s most remote, untouched landscapes in comfort and luxury. Stunning beaches and the beautiful Sea of Cortez meet on the shore of Espiritu Santo, which is delightfully pristine and off-the-grid despite being only 18 miles north of La Paz.

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Swimming Expedition to Espiritu Santo

From US$2150 per Person Swimming October - November 7 Days, 6 Nights

We continue to run this adventure with our partners’ SwimTrek. Explore an island paradise with open turquoise waters, incredible marine life and warm sunsets over the bay on this unique and unforgettable swimming holiday in Baja, Mexico. Based on the uninhabited island of Espiritu Santo, our base camp is located right on the beach, just a few steps from the inviting waters we’ll spend our days exploring.

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Sea of Cortez – Whale Sharks

From US$100 per Person Diving & Snorkelling November - April Day Trip

In the warm, crystal-clear waters just minutes from La Paz lies one of the most intact ecosystems in the world. Get ready to be inspired! Near El Mogote’s sand spit, the outer bay serves as a whale shark nursery and here you will be able to observe and swim with the biggest fish in the ocean!

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Sea of Cortez

From US$1895 per Person Liveaboard, Yacht Charters, Ocean Safaris Base Camp, Day Trips July - November: Peak Diving 6 Days, 5 Nights

The Sea of Cortez is Vibrant with Life The Sea of Cortez is loaded with life from huge pods of inquisitive dolphins, sharks, giant whale sharks, friendly sea lions, mobula rays, cow nose rays, sperm whales, swirling tornadoes of fish and sometimes even Manta Rays. Whales of all descriptions visit over the winter…

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