Mexico Sardine Run & Striped Marlin

From US$2995 per Person Liveaboards October - December 6 Days, 5 Nights

Every fall, the waters around Magdalena Bay teem with life when the sardine run draws in predators from seabirds to sharks, sea lions, whales, dolphins and the world’s fastest fish, the striped marlin.

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Mango Wind

From US$2250 per Night Liveaboard, Whole Boat Charter Year-Round

Pull up the sails and get truly of-the-grid as you voyage to the most remote, untouched corners of Mexico. There is nothing better than pulling up the sails and feeling a salty breeze in your hair as you whip across the ocean with only the noise of the water along the hull. Our Leopard 45-ft sailing catamaran yacht, the Mango Wind, caters for a plethora of adventures, from freediving to scuba diving, kayaking and paddling. We also have an 18-ft zodiac style inflatable boat onboard so you can access the more remote corners of the Sea of Cortez. Where you sail to, you decide.

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