Gray Whales Baja Extraordinary Encounters

The gray whales in Baja will never cease to amaze us.

This year we’ve had incredible experiences, unique encounters, and moments that will forever be etched in our memories.

Our guests and guides have witnessed friendly and playful behaviors of the gray whales in Baja like never before.

From countless spy-hopping, approaches of whale moms and their calves, to whales mating in the waters of San Ignacio Lagoon, all of this serves as evidence of how incredible and fortunate we are to witness a cycle of life of this extraordinary species.

Today the day was super sunny, we started to see many more whales, people were very happy and had a great time at the 3 sightings. In the afternoon when it was bar time Scarlett presented and there were many people who were very interested in the topic, we had a great time and asked many questions.

Paulina Rios

On the first sighting of the day we saw a lot of spy hopping and jumping, there were a lot of whales. In the second and third sightings, activity dropped a lot and even though we had few encounters, people were very excited and happy.


Today I enjoyed all day inside the Lagoon with my group because we did a double/double Whale Watching activity.
This because yesterday the area was close ‘cause the strong wind and bad weather we had.

During our second activity we had the opportunity to live a beautiful interaction with one friendly whale… It was awesome!

Pame Tajonar

We are looking forward to have you in San Ignacio Lagoon with us and watch the Gray Whales in Baja!

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