Mirror Salt Flats: Baja’s Hidden Gem.

Immerse yourself in the Mirror Salt Flats, one of the most surreal destinations in Baja, Mexico to connect with nature.

Escape to a completely surreal destination, accompanied by the musical sounds of the wild desert, while discovering the tranquility of the sea. Find the connection with nature you’ve been seeking at the Mirror Salt Flats, located in one of the most breathtaking destinations where the desert and marine life converge, creating an experience that you will cherish in your memories forever.

A Dream Destination awaits you.

Located in the El Vizcaíno region, one of the most beautiful and breathtaking destinations in Mexico, the Mirror Salt Flats of San Ignacio, Baja California Sur are a true gem to discover in a setting adorned by nature, and one the most fascinating destinations to explore in America.

The San Ignacio Lagoon region is famous for its local community dedicated to preserving the flora and fauna. It is also a popular destination for the annual visit of the gray whale, here you will experience a whale encounter like no other, as it is a destination known for hosting the visit of the friendliest gray whales.

Furthermore, this destination is home to a diverse range of bird species, turning the area into a genuine bird-watching experience for its visitors.

Stretching as far as the eye can see to the south of the San Ignacio Lagoon are the magnificent brilliant white salt flats, which we delight in arranging afternoon visits to.

What makes it even more remarkable is its occasional flooding, which occurs for an hour or two several times a month.

Luxury Glamping Escapes.

Our camps are located on another salt flat that is more of a unique lighter brown color but even more spectacular because it floods on a sunny calm day, with the sea level at a depth of 30 cm. The mirror effect caused by the rising water level creates the sensation that the sky and the earth blend together to form a dreamlike panoramic view, which is undoubtedly a delight for anyone who witnesses it.

To ensure we capture this unique event, our camp is strategically constructed on pilings, with no disruption to our operations. It’s an extraordinary experience that simply should not be overlooked.

Our camps are equipped with all the amenities to provide you with a completely relaxing and rejuvenating experience, making your trip a truly renewing experience retreat. It allows you to disconnect from the noise of the world and connect with your inner self and nature.

If you’re looking to experience a moment of complete relaxation, peace, and harmony, surrounded by nature and total comfort, then we recommend visiting this destination. Since it’s a natural occurrence, the best time to fully enjoy it is when the tide is high, creating the magical effect, with February to April being the prime season to visit this destination.

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