BajaEx/plore! Personalized Eco Camp

The island of Espiritu Santo renders the perfect opportunity to experience the unique essence of Baja. Our Eco Camp offers comfortable amenities in a natural protected area and is an idyllic spot for you to enjoy a customized itinerary designed by you and your group.

Start your day with an exhilarating morning paddle and spend the afternoons snorkeling with sea lions or exploring the hidden canyons of this desert paradise. Silently navigate along sheer volcanic cliffs along the eastern coast of the island, snorkel with copious amounts colorful sea critters, and experience a sea lion's life at Los Islotes as you snorkel and frolic with these clown princes of the sea. There is always a delightful surprise waiting around every corner to unravel a treasure before your very eyes.

You select your trip dates, length, itinerary, and type and level of activity. Using the camp as a base, choose from each day's possible adventures: kayaking in a paddler's paradise, hiking up desert canyons, or swimming and snorkeling with playful California sea lions and schools of tropical fish. Scientific research?  Wildlife photography?  Strategic planning in a shaded canyon?  A high school reunion?  Time with family? Perfect.

Our company founder Tim Means played a key role, together with a supportive community, in orchestrating the designation of Espíritu Santo Island group as a natural protected area. We hold the first and, to date, one of the very few minimum-impact base camp permits, and you may have neighbors down the beach including local school groups supporting ecology and conservation projectsa portion of the proceeds from your expedition goes to support this local programming.

This expedition is available from October to April. Perfect for families, active folks and groups, our base-camp-style stay welcomes you to our eco camp in a cove in the protected waters of Espiritu Santo Island. You and your group can design a trip for structured team-building, reflection or that much-need down time with family and friends! Our flexible itinerary facilitates a variety of activities to match your interests and diverse abilities, and can be as active or as relaxing as you choose. Enjoy delicious catered meals prepared with fresh local ingredients. Questions? Contact us

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Trip Details

Start/End Destinations
Start: La Paz
End: La Paz

Custom — Kayak, Paddleboard, Dive, Hike, etc.

Expedition Type
Eco Camp

Age Range
Little Ones — Grandparents

Trip Rating
Easy — All Fitness Levels

October — April

Trip Duration
2 — 6 nights

Naturalist Guide, Boat Captain, Chef

Support Vessel
Panga Motor Skiff

Oct - Dec: Safari-style Walk-in Tents
Jan - Apr: Dome Tents


Itinerary Details

  • January - April USD $205 per person, per night in Dome Tents (double occupancy)
  • October - December USD $270 per person, per night in Walk-in/Safari-style Tents (double occupancy)
  • 2 night minimum
  • First and last day Panga boat ride to & from Espiritu Santo Island
  • Our flexible itineraries are designed to change with weather, tides, animals' habits, and participants' interests
  • Visit Los Islotes and snorkel with sea lions
  • Island hikes & nature walks at different sites
  • Sessions with naturalist

Gear Provided

Expedition gear, plus equipment for kayak, SUP, snorkel, and bird watching

Food & Drinks

  • Local seafood, healthy Mexican & International cuisine
  • Local fresh juices and waters
  • Cerveza, wine, spirits by request — in moderation

Other Cool Stuff

  • Kayak and paddleboard use at camp
  • Bird watching
  • Day hiking
  • Star gazing
  • Want to see more?  Visit our Photo Gallery
  • Contributions to preserve Wild Baja are greatly appreciated and tax deductible!

Bring Your Stuff

  • Personal clothes and gear:
    ~ April — October: layers for sun, heat and wind
    ~ November — March: layers for sun, cold and wind
    - see detailed packing list in Welcome Aboard
  • Camera
  • Energy to explore
  • Art supplies, if desired
  • Gratuities for BajaEx team at your discretion
what to wear in Baja


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