Mexico Sardine Run Magdalena Bay

Striped Marlin - Magdalena Bay

Mexico Sardine Run
Magdalena Bay


October – January
Sailing Yacht: 6 Days, 5 Nights
Luxury Liveaboard: 8 Days, 7 Nights


Liveaboard & Sailing

PRICING (Pp. dbl occ.)

Luxury Sailing Yacht: From US$3,300
Luxury Liveaboard: From US$2,995

Destination Overview

Mexico Sardine Run
Magdalena Bay

During October to January, a magical event happens in the nutrient rich swirling blue waters off Magdalena Bay where striped marlin gather to hunt on the second largest sardine run in the world. This thrilling underwater action is spectacular.

There is an excellent chance of also seeing California sea lions, dolphin, wahoo, pelicans, different species of gulls, boobie birds, frigate birds, shearwaters and even the awe inspiring albatross.

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Magdalena Bay Diving

Magdalena Bay

Magdalena Bay is a gorgeous place to visit just for the pristine beauty, mangroves and giant sand dunes of the outer islands. We work closely with a group of local panga drivers who know these waters like the back of their hands. Captain G, for example, starting driving a fishing panga 42 years ago when he was 12 years old. He became captain at age 14. And by 18 he had saved up enough money to buy his own panga and stopped fishing to concentrate on eco-tourism. First with whale watching and then with crazy divers (like us!) who wanted to see sharks instead of fishing for them, and then in 2016, for the first time, putting divers in the water around the bait balls. We are very lucky and glad to be working side by side with Captain G and his family and friends in the local community.

We offer 2 equally excellent ways to experience the fall Mexico Sardine Run at Magdalena bay with special feature of striped marlin.

Either 5 nights aboard our 45-ft sailing yacht anchored in the calm waters of the bay with land transfers from Cabo. Or 7 nights full liveaboard boarding in Cabo with a 15 hour sail up the coast of Baja for Magdalena Bay.

Magdalena Bay Landscape


Sample Itinerary – Sailing Yacht – 6 Days, 5 Nights

Via land transfer to yacht anchored at lagoon.

Day 1

Meets at SeeCreatures Cabo at 9:30 a.m. Scenic 5 hour ground transfer to San Carlos (Mag Bay) with a stop for lunch enroute. Late afternoon board of your yacht. Cocktail hour, sunset and dinner!

Days 2 – 5

4 days of adventure. We partner these trips with local fishermen turned eco-tourism experts. These guys know the local waters better than anyone and sold off their fishing gear to make their living from tourism. It’s the perfect partnership for us. You have the option to spend loads of time out in the pangas or as much time as you want relaxing onboard in our calm tranquil anchorage inside the entrance to the bay. Optional scuba and freediving on local wrecks and dive sites is available and included with your trip.

Day 6

Disembarks San Carlos 8:30 am. Return transfer 5 hours to Cabo or San Jose del Cabo.

Sample Itinerary – Luxury Liveaboard – 8 Days, 7 Nights

Via sea voyage.

Day 1

Meet at SeeCreatures Cabo for 4:30 pm. Board and set sail up the beautiful coast of Baja California. Our destination, the sheltered waters and outer Islands of Magdalena Bay sardine run.

Day 2

Begin with 3 dives south end of Margarita Island, including sea lions and the remains of a steamship that sunk in the early 1900’s.

Days 3 – 6

Let’s find some bait balls and get in the water with striped marlin! This is a cooperative eco-tourism program with local pangas and highly knowledgeable captains. Nobody does a better job at finding bait balls than Captain G and his family and friends.
Spend as much or as little time as you want on the water each day. The more time, the more striped marlin encounters. Scuba diving is definitely on the agenda on this trip.
Magdalena Bay is loaded with life this time of year, and aside from the marlin, you might also spot whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks and sea lions. Don’t forget to check out the mangroves and gorgeous sand dunes. We will have kayaks and SUPs ready for you.

Day 7

Last day at Magdalena Bay. End with 3 more dives including the wreck of a WW1 submarine and more sea lions!

Day 8

8:30am, enjoy one more breakfast before disembarking at SeeCreatures Cabo.

Destination Marlin & Bait Balls Mexico Sardine Run

See What Guests Have Said

What Guests Have to Say About Magdalena Bay

Muchas gracias to the captain and crew of the Nautilus Gallant Lady. We were well taken care of and everyone made some new friends. I am really thankful for this experience of a lifetime. Just to repeat to anyone thinking about this trip – be patient, and listen to the dive guides! It will pay off for you. Read full review

Andrew Gottscho, Oakland, California, aboard the Gallant Lady


The Mango Wind was perfectly anchored in a protected corner of Magdalena Bay. Boat has 3 staterooms that are cozy but adequate for the needs of a Diver/snorkeler/adventurer.  She is a beautiful catamaran.


The crew of 3 is amazing. They do the work of what you would expect a crew of six to do.  Juan is not only the Captain of the boat, but he is a great host and tells great stories of past events and trips. Enrique is a master in the kitchen, and caters to everyone´s dietary needs. David is excellent dive guide and Photography expert. We spent 10+ hours out on the water, maximizing our chances of seeing amazing things in the Pacific.


Magdalena Bay is a 4-5 hour drive from Cabo. You are taken in a spacious shuttle van with frequent stops for whatever you need. The bay much larger than you think, and is amazing. Our trips went out onto the Pacific Ocean, and had amazing experiences, from humpback whales, to bait balls consisting of either sardines or mackrel, two different types of dolphins, striped marlin, sea lions, turtles, and mobula rays.

This is the type of trip where my favorite phrase, “where less is more than enough” applies. The location is a great getaway from the sounds and lights of Cabo. If you want a more quiet, relaxing, but adventurous trip, this is the one to do!

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Striped Marlin in Magdalena Bay

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