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San Ignacio Lagoon Gray Whales

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Baja is the only place in the world where gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus) swim up to pangas to be stroked, petted, kissed, and even hugged. It’s incredible. Interaction is entirely on the whales’ terms, with mama whales even pushing their calves against the side of the boats to be stroked. Nobody should miss out on this experience.

Our camp is located at San Ignacio Lagoon, one of three birthing and breeding gray whale lagoons in the world, all of which are located in Baja. San Ignacio is home to the densest population of whales with the most reliable encounters. It’s the only lagoon untouched by development. The whales start arriving in late-November and begin their long trek north to British Columbia and Alaska in the Spring.

We offer a unique program that is very different from our competition, with fast, easy flight connections from San José del Cabo, an average of three whale watching sessions a day (*weather permitting), a glamping camp and staff who love what they do, safety and excellence in guest experience that we continually strive for.

Wild Experience

Aside from meeting the world’s friendliest gray whales, San Ignacio is brimming with adventure. Explore the cactus-studded desert and dazzling white salt flats in search of coyotes, grab our binoculars and spot flocks of birds, including herons, ospreys, and beautiful white egrets; and spend evenings marvelling at the uninterrupted starlit sky. We’ll also have daily naturalist presentations so you can deepen your knowledge on the local flora and fauna.

Glamping Camp

We say “NO” to tiny tents with cots, sleeping bags and a couple of shared toilets and showers for the whole camp! Our tents are windproof, insulated and heated for maximum comfort, with ensuite bathrooms and showers, hot and cold running water with good pressure, and 24-hour power. Not to mention “real beds” with fine linen.

Enormous thought has gone into every detail, from a fire pit to a fine selection of wine, craft beer, single malt scotches and fine dining. We even have a pool table in the bar and lounge tent and Wi-Fi access throughout the camp.

San Ignacio: Whale SpyHop
Glamping Tent - Baja California
San Ignacio Whale watching

The Most Amazing Whale Experience in the World

It’s almost impossible to imagine how amazing these whale interactions are but there is even more to the lagoon than the whales. The camp is nestled in the desert on the edge of the lagoon and surrounded by tall mesas. Because this is the desert, the wind can blow and sometimes it’s too lumpy to be out on the water. If this happens, one of our favorite things is to venture out to the vast salt flats which are absolutely dazzling white and go for a walk. What’s even more amazing is to head out on the salt flats at night under a brilliant canopy of stars…

Walking, hiking, borrowing one of our mountain bikes, kayaking and bird watching are all additional pastimes at the lagoon. You might see coyotes, bobcats (which are rare but we do see them around camp), herons, ospreys and beautiful white egrets. Every evening, one of our naturalists will be sure to offer a different presentation on the whales and local flora and fauna. And did we mention the night sky? Apologies for repeating ourselves, but it’s absolutely brilliant!!!

San Ignacio - Whale Mouth

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