Loreto – Blue Whales

Loreto - Blue Whales

Blue Whales


January – March


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Destination Overview

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The entire Mechudo Corridor is alive with whales including blue, fin, humpback and dolphins and if we are lucky, orcas or sperm.

Enjoy unique whale watching and exploration opportunities from Loreto south through the Mechudo Corridor towards La Paz. Blue and fin whales are not just around Loreto but all the way south to Bahía de La Paz. Plus mangrove exploration, snorkelling and watching sea lions at Los Islotes, Espirito Santo Island UNESCO world heritage site, beach walks, hikes, kayaking and, weather permitting, snorkelling with whale sharks.

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About the Whales

Blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) are the largest animals to have ever lived on our planet. Including dinosaurs. Fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus) are almost as big. Blues are loners, extremely endangered and spend most of their time in open ocean hunting for food where they consume 5 to 8 tons every day. Their tongue weighs as much as an elephant! Every winter they gather south of Loreto in the Mechudo Corridor to mate and calve which gives an extraordinary whale watching opportunity whether it’s from our kayaks, sailboat, 55-ft Westerly or 116-ft expedition yacht.

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Baja Ultimate Whales

Loreto Blue Whale

Try our Baja Ultimate Whale Adventure!

Start in San José del Cabo. Afternoon Humpback whale watching out of San José. Transfer from boat directly to La Paz. Dinner and overnight stay at Marea hotel.

Morning activities, snorkelling with sea lions and whale sharks in La Paz. Afternoon sailing north towards Loreto.

Two full days out at sea. Looking out for blue and finback whales. Visiting Espiritu Santo, Loreto, Isla San Jose and the Mechudo Corridor. You will have a chance for snorkelling, kayaking, paddleboarding, cocktails on the beach, airplane support and more! Finishing back at La Paz.

Air transfer from La Paz to San Ignacio Lagoon camp site. Out on the water in the afternoon for two whale watching sessions.

Two days at camp with amazing gray whale encounters. Finially, one last morning whale watch and then flight back to SJD.

This is an awesome trip. Whale watching does not get any better than this!

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