Diving The Archipelago Liveaboard La Paz

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In the warm, crystal-clear waters just minutes from La Paz lies one of the most intact ecosystem in the world. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. the crown jewel of the Sea of Cortez, Espiritu Santo Island Archipelago boasts 500 species of fish, unique plants and diverse wildlife. One-third of all the world’s whale and dolphin species either live or migrate here including the year-round resident fin whale.

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Sea of Cortez

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The Sea of Cortez is Vibrant with Life The Sea of Cortez is loaded with life from huge pods of inquisitive dolphins, sharks, giant whale sharks, friendly sea lions, mobula rays, cow nose rays, sperm whales, swirling tornadoes of fish and sometimes even Manta Rays. Whales of all descriptions visit over the winter…

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