Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2024-05-13

Good afternoon, guys!! Excellent day today whether conditions are just perfect very low winds from the east 3 knts very sunny and shiny.

Lots of activity around south tip of Cerralvo with blues, hupies, brides and mobulas. Cornuda is out searching and giving all the info they are having. On the other hand Mango stayed hanker at Los Muertos since all the actions is around here.

Guests are super happy with all they have seen so far. Always waiting for the star of the show (orcas) but like I was telling them this morning enjoy what you guys find, sometimes we don’t have that species on our bucket list but it could be very unique.

Like on our last trip one of our guests that never thought of seeing a pigmy’s sperm whale but here she got to see it and twice. So, yea orcas are the cherry of our cake but all the rest is also a very exotic breading and let’s not talk about the whip cream, because those mobulas are just off the hook!!!!!

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