Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2024-05-26

Good afternoon people!

Long day!! It was worth it. Lots of action the home day, Cornuda started out with a jump with the mobulas at El Coyote then the guests went and checked for the orca tip close to Los Islotes but it seems they arrived a bit late, anyways they had a blast with three different whales two blues and a humpback, around the area.

Then they came to MGW to have lunch, while we were moving, they relaxed for a bit and then we spotted a massive school of mobulas to which we didn’t hesitate and jumped in with them. Cornuda stayed and Mango continue navigation to El Saltito.

While I was navigating, I spotted lots of blows and fins, I thought they were our pandas but no, as I was approaching, I saw they were just common dolphins but it was a nice group size so I called Willy and they came to the scene.

After they arrived, I continued my way to El Saltito where we are anchored and ready to spend the night.

Calm thru all the day, clear skies, low winds from the north 5knts

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