Captain’s Noon Reports – Mango Wind– 2024-04-02

Good windy afternoon people!

So far so good, last night we had a couple of shaky turns around 2:00 am but nothing major. After that, it was very calm.

This morning we woke up at Candelero, we had a change of plans due to bad weather conditions and a closed port so no whale shark today. Instead, we move this activity to the 4th. So today we are enjoying Candelero, after a nice breakfast our guests chilled for an hour and then went for a snorkel at Candelero Rock.

At the moment they are enjoying themselves on board the MGW sunbathing, playing board games. It actually could be a great idea to have onboard games for our guests to have a nice time whenever they want or on those windy days.

Weather conditions at the moment, partially cloudy but still sunny skies, air temp 22c, 17 knots from the north and rising a little more this afternoon and tomorrow.

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