Mobulas & Orcas with Aerial Support

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Mobula Snorkeling

Our mobula and orca trips are an incredibly true adventure, in a world where there is not much adventure left to discover.

From mid-May to July, tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of mobula rays aggregate in the Sea of Cortez, and where there are large squadrons of rays, there will likely be pods of curious orcas. Spend the day being a fly on the wall of this extraordinary migration, while also keeping your eyes peeled for giant pods of dolphins, pilot and fin whales…

We’ll be using an aircraft to track the mobula migration and maximise your wildlife encounters. We’ve known our pilot for 15 years; he is the very best in the business and specializes in finding orcas. He will focus his search on their favourite hangouts and estimates a 30% chance of seeing orcas each day, so we encourage you to book two days to maximise your chances.

Our trips are limited to just six guests per trip, ensuring private, personal encounters. This is the perfect trip for swimmers and snorkelers.

Learn to Freedive

Want to join the party? Add-on a half day introduction to freediving for $65 per person.

Visit us the day before your trip and we’ll teach you the basic techniques of breath-holding (it really is very, very, relaxing). We’ll have you comfortably descend to 30 ft within the hour, so that you can enter the middle of the pack and be rewarded with some truly spectacular mobula encounters.

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